Selge Driving School

Here at Selge Driving School, we provide training for driving Category B (car) and Category BE (car with light trailer) vehicles. Started on August 17, 1992, it is a top choice for driver training. For almost 30 years, we’ve been offering great courses that many students recommend. 

You can learn to drive in our modern Toyota and Volkswagen vehicles, which provide comfort in both winter and summer seasons. We offer training in both manual and automatic transmissions. For learning theory, we have a modern 24-seat classroom with multimedia tools and videos that make learning easy. If you can’t come to class, you can use our online e-school to keep up with the lessons.

Selge Driving School online e-school allows you to independently study theory topics, and solve theory tests. You will also get an overview of your studies, cash receipts, and driving lessons. To access the online e-school environment, each will receive username and password.

Our supportive and friendly trainers satisfy the criteria for Level 6 as outlined in the Qualification Framework under the Professions Act. They guide both beginners and seasoned drivers on their journey to becoming safe and confident on the road. They teach essential techniques to avoid traffic issues and reduce accident risks. Whether you’re preparing for the state exam or looking to hone your driving skills, we offer extra lessons and emphasize hands-on driving to prepare you for real-life traffic situations.

Payment options:

Installment Payments: Make the first payment upon course registration and then pay for each subsequent driving lesson individually.

Full Payment: Pay for the entire course upfront during registration.

For businesses: Payment can be made via invoice.

Choose Selge Driving School to complete your B and BE driver training, we are located at Soola 1a, Tartu, Estonia. You can contact us at 

Training is provided under the Selge Driving School brand by Radiant OÜ, reg. no. 10192957.

Operating license no. 44, issued by the Ministry of Education and Research on 04.02.2014, order no. 44.

  • Category B driver courses 900 €
  • First Aid Course in English 75 €
  • Driving a vehicle in the dark 65 €
  • Beginner slide racing 70 €
  • Additional driving lesson in English 35 €
  • Translation in the driving test at the Road Administration 35 €
  • Driving School final driving test 35 €